Hello, my name is Evgeny Sugakov aka Mac Shifford. I'm a software engineer.


Started learning WEB in 2008 together with ruby, when it was young and there was rails 1.2. At that time TDD/BDD was just getting popular having come out of the confine of the bloody enterprise. I had a good thing going.

I write the Internet with Ruby / JavaScript / Elixir on GitHub and look at Swift for iOS / macOS.


When I don't write the Internet, I speak, write my blog and take photos.
Travel notes in Russian are here.
Tools which help me to build software & write texts can be found here.
If you like my writing and photos support me on Patreon ☕️


I do talks at meetups & conferences.
"Productive programmer" email course.
"Effective programmer" book. WIP (est. May 2018)
Bi-weekly email newsletter.
Some of my OSS contribution could be found on my GitHub account.
Creator of Belarus Golang User Group - gophers.by.
Co-founder of Minsk Ruby User Group - Minsk.rb.


You can find me on twitter, instagram and on telegram.