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Anti hype: how to stop worrying and start to live

An absolutely gorgeous talk about hype around new programming languages and technology (and libraries). The talk is so gorgeous and it’s a pity that those who don’t speak Russian can’t understand it.

You’ve heard about a new programming language, what do you have to know?:

  • how to build apps with it
  • what package manager it has
  • what interesting ideas are behind this technology
  • philosophy?
  • 5-10 popular libs (good if it has WEB tools, testing tools)
  • 5-10 key figures (first names, last names, twitters, photos)
  • 5-10 products built with it

If it hasn’t got 5-10 products built with it, maybe you should stay away from this technology for now.

Mac Shifford

Mac Shifford

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