I am starting a weekly email digest

I am starting a weekly email digest


Hej all,

I am starting a weekly email digest with the links to interesting posts, books, movies, games, etc. It will be in Russian but the resources it contains can be in different languages.

Every Sunday morning.

The main topics are:

  • programming (web and back end)
  • technology and gadgets
  • photography
  • entertainment: tv series, movies, games

You can subscribe here.


Email as a productive communication service is dead. There are many other better ways of communication right now: slack, IM messengers, irc (wow!), etc. But email is still a good channel for the news. After the death of RSS (when Google closed its reader), social networks became the main news channel. They did their job well until smart algorithms for timeline came. Since that moment everything has gone in the doldrums.

After that a long-held idea about a topical news digest was brought back to life. For example: Ruby weekly, Swift weekly, etc. And the main distribution channel is email.

I like the idea of such newsletters, I’ve subscribed to several of them and I read them the way I would read an ordinary newspaper (or magazine) with a cup of coffee in a cosy armchair.

That's why I’ve decided to create my own newsletter aimed at a number of main topics which I am interested in.

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