I’m done. I’m out!

I’m done. I’m out!

I envy iOS developers: learn Objective-c and you’re ready for 10 years. Swift comes? Learn swift and you’re ready for another 10 years.

I envy Android developers: learn java and you’re ready to build applications until Android platform ends.

And what about backend programmers? Learn ruby/pyhton/php and you’re ready for 3-5 years. Here comes Node.js! All hail to JS.

A few years pass and Node.js doesn’t handle millions of connection.

Damn! I know, Erlang can handle it! Another few years pass. Erlang has a poor ecosystem. Oh, Elixir! All hail to Elixir.

A few year pass. Dynamic languages are hard, we need a compiler on our side.

All hail to Scala (version 2/3)! What is it? Scala will be rewritten? Damn! Where to now? Haskell? Clojure? Julia? Elm?

I’m done. I’m out.