Pomodoro technique +

Like any programmer I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

With time I noticed that my health is getting worse: backaches, sleepiness, dry eyes, etc. I’ve tried Jawbone UP and Apple Watch which told me to stand up and take a break. They helped a little but didn’t solve the problem.

I use pomodoro technique for work which prescribes making short breaks. It’s important not to sit in front of the computer during the break otherwise you will automatically surf social networks filling your brain with useless information. It’s not a rest for your brain.

Recently I’ve got an idea to combine pomodoro technique and shot workouts: 25 minutes - work, 5 minutes - workout. It’s important not to use all 5 minutes for workouts, leave 1 minute for calm relaxation. For example, my workout is as follows: 6 squats, 6 push ups, 6 sit ups, 1 minute of walking then 1 minute of calm relaxation. As a result productivity significantly boosts.

I’ve been using this technique for several weeks already. It really helps me to be more productive and less sleepy.