RailsClub 2015

I’ve been visiting RailsClub conference in Moscow since the beginning. Then it was in Digital October conference hall. Sadly I missed last year's conference because of my laziness.

But this year was different: many people from the slack team were going to attend and I had to be there too. So I bought a ticket.

Some talks were good, some not so good, from some I expected more. In general the talks were ok.

The most interesting parts are coffee breaks and after party. When you have a chance to ask all the questions that you've had for the years of ruby development. For instance: during one talk I saw Koichi Sasada talking outside, it was a good time to ask him about development of ruby language. And I got shocking information: for development Koichi uses some Japanese text editor, which is not known outside Japan. Or - in the ruby team there was one guy - Nobu, who is not known at all, but he is a "patch monster” and makes almost 30% of commits in Ruby language.

Special thanks to organisers for the barrel of smoothie 😎

Here are official photos and here are mine