The blog goes wild (and Russian)

The blog goes wild (and Russian)

tl;dr this blog will be in the Russian language from now on, all English posts go to my Medium account.

This blog was initially created as a blog about my programming experience and other IT topics. It could have continued like that, I could just write about 4 posts every 6 months, but I’m not quite happy about the pace.

First, my blog is hosted on Digital Ocean for which I pay monthly. A bit of statistics and nagging:

  • the domain was bought and the blog started in December of 2014
  • I started paying on the first of January 2015 and it was $5 per month. In December 2016 Digital Ocean raised the payment rate by $0.95. By now I have payed $138,85 for the hosting
  • domain name is paid for 3 years - $80.

$218,85 just for hosting and the domain name, leaving alone the time spent on the droplet’s operating system and the blog platform.

During that time I’ve written only 35 posts, that makes $8.05 per post excluding the time spent on writing and translating from Russian into English. Why is that? :)

Second, sometimes you want to write about something, but there is a number of obstacles:

  • I’m reluctant to translate the post and it never goes past the draft stage
  • the topics to be discussed concern mainly Russian-speaking audience, so to translate all the content into the English language takes time and seems pointless

And last but not least: my blog is mainly read by my friends and acquaintances who know both Russian and English so there’s no need to translate for them.

That’s why ideas often remain only ideas, and many posts which are drafted have never been published.

So I decided to write this blog in Russian. Posts in English will be published on my Medium account (subscribe ^_^)

До новых встреч!